High Load Resistance - Beta Release
July 23, 2018

Hello Dear Community!

We wish to share with you the planned Release of the High Load Resistance! It is here and today we are happy to announce our Beta version! This update will provide some key improvements to help with any future network congestion or lost transactions as well as many more enhancements to make the system more reliable for our users.

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Bytecoin is Now Featured on the Exchange OKEx!
July 4, 2018

Dear Community,

We can not help but share this great news with you! Today, July 4th 2018, Bytecoin is now listed on OKEx exchange, which is one more valuable milestone for the entire ecosystem. Having a listing on such a major exchange as OKEx means a lot for our project. This move helps close the gap towards mainstream adoption of Bytecoin and lets more users than ever before get familiar with Bytecoin as a currency and as a technology.

We feel so very proud for the entire Bytecoin community and we do hope that such achievements help the entire project become better and moves us one step closer to global acceptance. So let’s continue our work in the following logic. Get in contact will all of the exchanges that you would like Bytecoin to get featured, knock on every small (or big) business’ door and ask them to accept BCN. If we continue to work together the world is the limit for we can accomplish.

As always, Bytecoin is a clear way to your private future.

Yours truly, The Bytecoin team

The Updated Bytecoin Development Roadmap.
June 29, 2018

Dear Bytecoineers,

The Bytecoin team is happy to present you an updated version of our development roadmap. This roadmap version displays the major checkpoints which Bytecoin is going to pass in the next couple of months. The events mentioned on the list are necessary and some more minor releases or updates may follow as well.

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Bytecoin X Trust.Zone VPN Partnership
May 23, 2018

Dear Community,

The Bytecoin team is happy to announce a new partnership! Meet Trust.Zone VPN - a service that cares about one’s privacy. Trust.Zone prevents your ISP provider from tracking your moves across the internet, as well as not saving any logs of your activities. Moreover, they use the most up-to-date encryption methods so your internet activity won’t be compromised.

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The Official Review on the Network Issues From the Bytecoin Team
May 9, 2018

The last 2 days have been very decisive for the entire Bytecoin project. BCN, which recently had an $8 million daily trading volume, is now trading at over $600 million in a 24 hours period. As a result, some network issues, which couldn’t have been audited without such an extreme load, suddenly appeared, and we've recommended to the exchanges that they should lock all deposits and withdrawals where Bytecoin is trading. The entire team has been working non-stop for the past 24 hours to investigate the issue and make the necessary fixes.

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Update on 3.0.4 Adoption Rate
May 9, 2018

We estimate that 25% of nodes has upgraded to this latest version just hours after it was released by BCN team, of those 3.0.4 nodes only one reported some network issues, others seem to be fully in sync and working normally.

All users are strongly advised to help the network by upgrading their Bytecoin Daemons v.3.0.4 (for merchants) and Bytecoin Desktop v.2.0.4 (for individuals) available at

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Bytecoin Network Issue - Information from Development Team
May 8, 2018

Bytecoin network is experiencing unusal high load.

Transactions can be delayed, node synchronization can lag far behind.

Team is working hard to solve issues.

It's strongly recommended to avoid any transferrings of BCN until the situation is taken under control.

We will notify you right after everything will be fixed!

The ASIC Statement: Clarification From The Bytecoin Team
April 24, 2018

During the past few weeks we’ve seen many of the active discussions about mining and the increased hashrate. However, this discussion moves far away from a mining problem and becomes more of a political decision. We’ve decided to build a text in the following logic to shed some light on this important situation.

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Bytecoin Daemons v3.0.2 Release
April 17, 2018


Thanks to the many requests and feedback from our integrators, we’ve updated our Bytecoin Daemon and added some new features to the backend part.

  • API change: In create_transactionspend_address parameter of type string is changed to spend_addresses of type []string. This change is likely to affect only Web wallets developers.
  • API change: In sync_mem_pooladded_binary_transactions of type string is changed to added_bc_transactions of type bytecoin::TransactionPrefix. This change breaks compatilibilty between new and old walletd and bytecoind, so make sure they are both the same version.
1st Quarter Milestone - The Asian Market welcomes Bytecoin
April 11, 2018

Dear Community,

The 1st quarter has passed and we are very happy to announce that despite many obstacles, such as governmental regulations, bans, scandals, and restrictions from authorities in the Asian market, we were still successful in launching our communities in Asia. Currently we have very active community members in Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

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